Uninstalling Apache Cassandra 3.0 

Steps for uninstalling Cassandra by installation type.

Select the uninstall method for your type of installation:

Uninstalling Debian- and RHEL-based packages 

Use this method when you have installed Cassandra using APT or Yum.

  1. Stop the Cassandra service:
    $ sudo service cassandra stop
  2. Make sure all services are stopped:
    $ ps auwx | grep cassandra
  3. If services are still running, use the PID to kill the service:
    $ sudo kill cassandra_pid
  4. Remove the library and log directories:
    $ sudo rm -r /var/lib/cassandra
    $ sudo rm -r /var/log/cassandra
  5. Remove the installation directories:
    RHEL-based packages:
    $ sudo yum remove "cassandra-*"

    Debian-based packages: 

    $ sudo apt-get purge "cassandra-*"

Uninstalling the binary tarball 

Use this method when you have installed Apache Cassandra 3.0 using the binary tarball.

  1. Stop the node:
    $ ps auwx | grep cassandra
    $ sudo  kill cassandra_pid
  2. Remove the installation directory.