Configuring Cassandra without root permissions 

Steps to configure Cassandra when you don't have or want to use sudo or root permissions.

Before performing this steps, you must have completed steps 1 and 2 in Installing from the binary tarball.


  1. In the install directory, create the data and log directories:
    $ mkdir cassandra-data; cd cassandra-data
    $ mkdir data saved_caches commitlog
  2. Edit the cassandra.yaml file:
    1. cd path_to_install/conf/
    2. Edit these settings:
      data_file_directories: path_to_install/cassandra-data/data
      commitlog_directory: path_to_install/cassandra-data/commitlog
      saved_caches_directory: path_to_install/cassandra-data/saved_caches
  3. Go back to the tarball installation instructions.