Starting cqlsh on Windows 

A brief description on starting cqlsh on Windows.

This procedure describes how to start cqlsh on Windows. The P command is covered in detail later.


You can start cqlsh in two ways:

  • From the Start menu:
    1. Navigate to Start > Programs > DataStax Distribution of Apache Cassandra.
    2. If using Cassandra 3.0+, click DataStax Distribution of Apache Cassandra > Cassandra CQL Shell
    3. If using Cassandra 2.2, click DataStax Community Edition > Cassandra CQL Shell.

    The cqlsh prompt appears: cqlsh>

  • From the Command Prompt:
    1. Open the Command Prompt.
    2. Navigate to Cassandra bin directory:
      Cassandra 3.0+: 
      C:\> cd C:"Program Files\DataStax-DDC\apache-cassandra\bin"
      Cassandra 2.2: 
      C:\> cd C:"Program Files\DataStax Community\apache-cassandra\bin"
    3. Enter cqlsh.

      The cqlsh prompt appears: cqlsh>

      To get the help menu for cqlsh:
      C:\> cqlsh --help
      To start cqlsh on a different node, add the IP address and port:
      C:\> cqlsh 9042
      Note: You can use tab completion to see hints about how to complete a cqlsh command.

      To install tab completion capabilities on Windows, you can use pip install pyreadline.