Starting DataStax Enterprise as a stand-alone process

Starting the DataStax Enterprise process when DataStax Enterprise was installed from a tarball.

If running a mixed-workload cluster, determine which nodes to start as analytics, Cassandra, and search nodes. Begin with the seed nodes first — analytics seed node, followed by the Cassandra seed node — then start the remaining nodes in the cluster one at a time. For additional information, see Multiple data center deployment.

Attention: Do not start all the nodes at once, because this causes contention among nodes to become the jobtracker.


  1. From the install directory:
    • Real-time Cassandra node: $ bin/dse cassandra
    • Analytics node: $ bin/dse cassandra -t
    • Solr node: $ bin/dse cassandra -s
      Note: DataStax does not support using the -t search tracker option in combination with the -s option to mark the node for Hadoop analytics and search.
  2. Start the DataStax agent:
    $ ./datastax-agent/bin/datastax-agent
  3. To check that your ring is up and running:
    $ cd install_location
    $ bin/nodetool status
    If you are running an analytics node, there are several methods for designating the job tracker node.

What's next

Verify DataStax Enterprise is running