The driver and its dependencies

The C# driver only supports the Cassandra Binary Protocol and CQL3

Cassandra binary protocol 

The driver uses the binary protocol that was introduced in Cassandra 1.2. It only works with a version of Cassandra greater than or equal to 1.2. Furthermore, the binary protocol server is not started with the default configuration file in Cassandra 1.2. You must edit the cassandra.yaml file for each node:

start_native_transport: true

Then restart the node.

Cassandra compatibility 

The 2.0 version of the driver handles a single version of the Cassandra native protocol for the sake of simplicity. Cassandra does the multiple version handling. This makes it possible to do a rolling upgrade of a Cassandra cluster from 1.2 to 2.0 and then to upgrade the drivers in the application layer from 1.0 to 2.0. Because the application code needs to be changed anyway to leverage the new features of Cassandra 2.0, this small constraint appear to be fair.

  C# driver 1.0.x C# driver 2.0.x
Cassandra 1.2.x Compatible Non-compatible
Cassandra 2.0.x Compatible for Cassandra 1.0 API and commands Compatible

Maven dependencies 

The latest release of the driver is available on Maven Central. You can install it in your application using the following Maven dependency:


You ought to build your project using the Mojo Versions plug-in. Add the versions:display-dependency-updates setting to your POM file, and it lets you know when the driver you are using is out of date during the build process.