Keyboard shortcuts

DataStax DevCenter keyboard shortcuts.

Macintosh OS X Windows or Linux Description
⌘+N Ctrl+N Generic New wizard.
Editing and running CQL scripts
⇧+⌘+N Ctrl+Shift+N New CQL script.
⌥⇧+⌘+K Ctrl+Alt+Shift+K New keyspace.
⌥⇧+⌘+T Ctrl+Alt+Shift+T New table.
⌥⇧+⌘+I Ctrl+Alt+Shift+I New Index.
⌥⇧+⌘+U Ctrl+Alt+Shift+U New User-defined Type.
⌥⇧+⌘+V Ctrl+Alt+Shift+V New Materialized View.
⌘+F3 Ctrl+F3 Open CQL script.
DEL DEL Delete CQL script.
⌘+I Ctrl+I Open CQL script properties.
⌥+F11 Alt+F11 Execute current CQL script. (If statements are selected then only execute those statements.)
⌘+A Ctrl+A Select all CQL scripts.
⌘+Space Ctrl+Space Display auto-completion popup.
Connections panel
⌥⇧+⌘+N Ctrl+Alt+Shift+N New connection.
⌘+F3 Ctrl+F3 Open connection.
⌘+F4 Ctrl+F4 Close connection
⇧+⌘+D Ctrl+Shift+D Clone connection.
DEL DEL Delete connection.
CQL scripts panel
⌘+. Ctrl+. Jump to next warning / error.
⇧+⌘+. Ctrl+Shift+. Jump to previous warning / error.
⌘+1 Ctrl+1 Display quick fixes popup.
⇧+⌘+F Ctrl+Shift+F Format code.
⌘+click Ctrl+click Multiple row selection in results pane.