Rebuilds a search index for DSE Search.

Removes old tables and builds new tables after you make changes to the schema or configuration, when indexes are out of date, or when indexes have been corrupted.

To rebuild a search index for the entire cluster, use the CQL command REBUILD SEARCH INDEX.


ON [keyspace_name.]table_name
[WITH OPTIONS { deleteAll : true|false }]
Syntax conventions Description
UPPERCASE Literal keyword.
Lowercase Not literal.
Italics Variable value. Replace with a user-defined value.
[] Optional. Square brackets ( [] ) surround optional command arguments. Do not type the square brackets.
( ) Group. Parentheses ( ( ) ) identify a group to choose from. Do not type the parentheses.
| Or. A vertical bar ( | ) separates alternative elements. Type any one of the elements. Do not type the vertical bar.
... Repeatable. An ellipsis ( ... ) indicates that you can repeat the syntax element as often as required.
'Literal string' Single quotation ( ' ) marks must surround literal strings in CQL statements. Use single quotation marks to preserve upper case.
{ key : value } Map collection. Braces ( { } ) enclose map collections or key value pairs. A colon separates the key and the value.
<datatype1,datatype2> Set, list, map, or tuple. Angle brackets ( < > ) enclose data types in a set, list, map, or tuple. Separate the data types with a comma.
cql_statement; End CQL statement. A semicolon ( ; ) terminates all CQL statements.
[--] Separate the command line options from the command arguments with two hyphens ( -- ). This syntax is useful when arguments might be mistaken for command line options.
' <schema> ... </schema> ' Search CQL only: Single quotation marks ( ' ) surround an entire XML schema declaration.
@xml_entity='xml_entity_type' Search CQL only: Identify the entity and literal value to overwrite the XML element in the schema and solrConfig files.


EBNF syntax:
rebuildSearchIndex  ::= 'REBUILD' 'SEARCH' 'INDEX'
                        'ON' tableName
                        ('WITH' 'OPTIONS' optionMap)?
tableName           ::= (keyspace '.')? table
optionMap           ::= '{' (key ':' value (',' key ':' value)*)? '}'
Railroad diagram:
Image shows a railroad diagram for the REBUILD SEARCH INDEX search CQL command

Image shows a railroad diagram of tableName

Image shows a railroad diagram of optionMap

Request option 

The deleteAll request option configures the entire request to specify whether to delete the existing index:
Deletes the existing index before reindexing; search results will return either no or partial data while the index is rebuilding.
Does not delete the existing index, causing the reindex to happen in-place; search results will return partially incorrect results while the index is updating. Keep the current index (accepting reads) while you build the new one, then swap over to the new index after it's ready. Default.


The search index is rebuilt for the wiki.solr keyspace and table.

REBUILD SEARCH INDEX ON wiki.solr WITH OPTIONS { deleteAll:true };