DSE Advanced Replication keyspace overview 

Information about DSE Advanced Replication keyspaces and tables.

Keyspaces and tables are automatically created on the source cluster and the destination cluster when DSE Advanced Replication runs for the first time. DSE Advanced Replication uses these keyspaces :
Keyspace Tables

advrep_source_config: global configuration for replication data source

advrep_destination_config: configuration for replication data destination

advrep_repl_channel_config: configuration for replication channel between a source and destination

dse_advrep (internal use only)

advrep_id_gen: destination id generator table

destination_ids: indicated enabled/disabled ids to prevent reuse

transmissions_crc: used for deduping between nodes to minimize data retransmission

Note: System keyspaces on the source and destination are not supported for replication.