Migrating advanced replication from DSE 5.0 (V1) to DSE 5.1 (V2) 

How to migrate advanced replication from DSE 5.0 (V1) to DSE 5.1 (V2).

DSE 5.1 has substantially revised advanced replication. If advanced replication was implemented in DSE 5.0, it should be migrated to the newer version in DSE 5.1. Both V1 and V2 are run in DSE 5.1 in parallel to accomplish the migration.

The steps involved in migration are:
  1. Create a V2 destination for the hub configured in V1:
    $ dse advrep destination create --name upgradedest --addresses --transmission-enabled falase
  2. Create a V2 channel for each V1 channel:
    $ dse advrep channel create --source-keyspace demo --source-table sensor_readings --destination upgradedest --source-id edge1 --source-id-column hub_id --priority 1
  3. Resume collection and transmission:
    $ dse advrep channel resume --source-keyspace demo --source-table sensor_readings --collection-enabled true --transmission-enabled true 
  4. Make sure the V2 is running and replicating, then disable collection on the V1 channels:
    $ dse advrep --v1 edge channel pause --keyspace demo --table sensor_readings
  5. Wait for V1 to drain the V1 replication log, checking for a zero count:
    $ dse advrep --v1 edge rl-count
  6. Delete V1 channels and disable V1 hub:
    $ for f in `dse advrep --v1 edge list-conf|cut -f1 -d' '|sed 1,2d | sed s/_/-/g`; do dse advrep --v1 edge remove-conf --$f; done;