Creating a simple Notebook 

How to create a simple Notebook in DataStax Studio.


  • DataStax Enterprise 5.1 installed, configured, and running.
  • If using DSE Graph, it must be configured, and running.
  • DataStax Enterprise Studio installed and running.
  • Studio 1.0 only. A connection to a DSE cluster.

Create a new notebook and add some text.


  1. Open http:/URI_running_DSE:9091/ in your browser.
    The DataStax Studio opens in the Notebooks page.
  2. Select Add Notebook (the plus icon (in a square) to the left of the existing notebooks).
    The Create Notebook dialog displays.
  3. Add information to the fields and Create.
    My Notebook
    Select a connection
    Studio 1.0. My First Connection
    Select a connection
    Studio 2.0:

  4. Select Create.
    The notebook displays with a single empty (default) cell in CQL edit mode. This can be changed to Gremlin or Markdown depending on the desired mode.

The following steps show a Markdown example:

  1. In the default cell, change the drop-down to Markdown.
  2. Add some verbiage to the default cell:
    My Notebook
    Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut consectetur lectus sit amet erat tempus ornare. Fusce sagittis, mauris eu maximus pellentesque, odio purus accumsan lacus, eu accumsan ex nisi eu metus.
  3. Select Run Cell to render the marked down text.