DataStax Studio release notes 

Release notes for Studio.

Studio release notes cover enhancements, known issues, and resolved issues for:

DataStax Studio 2.0 


  • Code cells in notebooks now support CQL code
  • DataStax Enterprise Graph improvements
    • effective schema is scoped per HTTP session

DataStax Studio 1.0.2 

Resolved issues

  • Collections of null values in results inappropriately de-duped to a single null value
  • __range column appearing in table results
  • Ordering of map results is lost
  • MAP_ENTRY order not accurate for entries with numerical keys
  • Error message incorrectly referenced dse.yaml instead of cassandra.yaml
  • Fix Spark Master discovery in EC2 environments


  • Improve awareness of keyboard shortcuts and features (for example, content assist)

DataStax Studio 1.0.1 

Resolved issues:

  • Reconfiguring httpBindAddress breaks content assist
  • Deserializing results containing numeric constants (for example, Infinity) fails
  • Profile view does not scroll
  • Result window does not reset to default view after a cell is re-run
  • Handle empty success


  • Clear indication of successful execution of void methods
  • Handle multi-value and meta-value vertex properties
  • Handle null values in Gremlin result list