Cassandra & DataStax Enterprise Essentials

DataStax Demos

Listing of the available demos.

  • Portfolio Manager demo using Spark or Portfolio Manager demo using DSE Hadoop - An application showing a sample mixed workload on a DataStax Enterprise cluster. The use case is a financial application where users can actively create and manage a portfolio of stocks.
  • Solr Wikipedia demo - This demo application uses Wikipedia as an example of Solr capabilities.
  • Weather Sensor demo - This demo allows you to run analytical queries with Hadoop and Spark against dynamically generated data for a number of weather sensors in different cities. It also includes a web interface for creating custom queries against the data.
  • Hive example: Use a CQL composite partition key - This example first creates a CQL table, and then creates an external table in Hive that maps to the CQL table.
  • Hive example: Work with an unsupported data type - DataStax Enterprise provides a user defined function (UDF) for converting Hive binary data into string representations of CQL types. In this example, you create a custom external table in Hive and map these types to binary.
  • Pig demo - Uses sample data to illustrate using Pig in DataStax Enterprise. The examples in the topic show how to create a Pig relation and perform a simple MapReduce job.
  • Mahout demo - Using Mahout algorithms, this demo classifies historical time series data into categories based on whether the data has exhibited relatively stable behavior over a period of time.
  • Sqoop demo - Shows an example of migrating the data from a MySQL table to text files in CFS. This demo requires Oracle JDK 1.6.x; the JRE alone will not work.
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