More technical and learning resources 

Resources from DataStax, and DataStax Academy.

DataStax Sandbox 
DataStax Sandbox is a packaged and personal virtual machine (VM) image that contains everything you need to get started with DataStax Software.
Apache Cassandra User Forum 
Where you can ask questions and receive feedback.
Best practices white paper 
The Best Practices document provides guidelines for designing, deploying, and managing DataStax Enterprise database clusters.
DataStax Academy 
DataStax Academy provides tutorials and training on Apache Cassandra and DataStax Enterprise.
Developer blog 
The DataStax Developer Blog provides insights and technical articles from top experts and fellow peers on development aspects of DataStax Enterprise and its components, including Apache Cassandra, Apache Hadoop, Apache Solr, and DataStax OpsCenter.
DataStax Support 
DataStax Support provides skilled expertise to support your big data environment.
DataStax Support Help Center 
Help Center provides discussion of DataStax Enterprise, Cassandra, and OpsCenter related issues.
DataStax Academy forums 
Get help from instructors and the DataStax Academy community. It is organized into user levels, areas of operation, and features.
Stackoverflow for Cassandra 
Stackoverflow for Cassandra is monitored by DataStax and Cassandra developers.
White papers, datasheets, and webinars