DataStax Studio is an interactive tool for exploring and visualizing large datasets using DSE Graph.
Release notes
Getting started
Steps for installing and setting up DataStax Studio.
Installing and running DataStax Studio
Steps for installing and running DataStax Studio.
Creating a new connection
How to create a new connection in DataStax Studio.
Creating a simple Notebook
How to create a simple Notebook in DataStax Studio.
Creating a graph using Gremlin
You create graphs in a notebook by writing and executing Gremlin code in the notebook's code cells.
Reference topics for DataStax Studio, including configuration, creating, modifying, and browsing connections, and using notebooks.
Configuration settings in DataStax Studio.
Browse Connections page
Creating and modifying connections in DataStax Studio.
About notebook cells and the notebook code editor.
Notebook manager
The Notebook Manager lists all your notebooks, starred ones, or allow you to filter by searching.
Default imports
The default imports for a notebook cell.
Keyboard shortcuts
Fixing problems in DataStax Studio.