Submit a support ticket

DataStax wants to provide as much support as possible. If an alert or incident is identified, submit a support ticket for help.

Only accounts with paid plans can submit support tickets.

  1. Open your Astra Portal and select the help_outline Help icon at the bottom of the main navigation.

    The Help Center panel opens with various options.

  2. Select the topic you need help for.

  3. If there is no link for your issue, click Submit a Ticket, and then select Submit a Case.

  4. Complete the form and click Create.

You can also search the knowledge base for answers.

Schedule a support session

Some situations are more critical than others and require direct attention. Examples of these situations include:

  • A complete loss of service or you cannot continue with regular operations for an unknown reason.

  • A production system crashes.

  • A production system is suspended indefinitely.

To speak with us, click Schedule Session. Select a date and time that work for you.

See also

Additional support is available when you view and subscribe Astra status updates.

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