Connect with the Python client

Learn how to connect to a Serverless (Vector) database with the AstraPy client.


Install the Python client

Use pip to install the Python client.

To install the Python client with pip:

  1. Verify that pip is version 23.0 or higher.

    pip --version
  2. Upgrade pip if needed.

    python -m pip install --upgrade pip
  3. Install the astrapy package. You must have Python 3.8 or higher.

    pip install astrapy

Connect to a vector-enabled Astra DB Serverless database

Create a file named with the following content:
import os
from astrapy import DataAPIClient
from astrapy.constants import VectorMetric
from astrapy.ids import UUID
from astrapy.exceptions import InsertManyException

# Initialize the client and get a "Database" object
client = DataAPIClient(os.environ["ASTRA_DB_APPLICATION_TOKEN"])
database = client.get_database(os.environ["ASTRA_DB_API_ENDPOINT"])
print(f"* Database: {}\n")

Run the script with python

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