Create an AstraDB sink

To create an Astra DB sink for Astra Streaming topics:

  1. Select the Sinks tab…​

    New sink
  2. …​ and select Create Sink.

    Your sink name and index name must start with a lowercase alphabetic character and can only contain lowercase alphabetic characters, numbers, and hyphens.

  3. Enter the namespace, sink type, and sink name.

    Name the new sink
  4. Complete the advanced settings. The settings below are the recommended defaults.

    Add configuration details for the new AstraDB sink
  5. Set optional Apache Pulsar®-specific sink configurations for your AstraDB sink. For more on Pulsar sink configurations, see the Pulsar docs.

  6. Choose the input topic for your sink. If you do not have a topic in your namespace, create one in the Topics tab.

  7. Set connection configuration for your sink.

    Add connection details for the new AstraDB sink
  8. Selecting an existing table in AstraDB auto-populates the topic schema mapping. For more on mapping AstraDB connector tables, see here.

    Schema Map
  9. Set optional AstraDB-specific configurations for your sink. For more on configuring built-in Pulsar sink connectors, see the Pulsar docs.

  10. Select Create. In the Sinks tab, your AstraDB sink will change status to Running. Your sink connector is now deployed.

    New AstraDB sink confirmed
  11. To check the config file for your sink connector, select your sink in the Sinks tab and select View Config.

What’s next?

To use your connector with CDC, see CDC for AstraDB.
For more on Astra Streaming sinks, see Astra Streaming Sinks.