Astra Streaming Pricing

At this time, Astra Streaming offers a Free plan with a $25/month free credit and a Pay As You Go plan.

Units of measurement

The following units of measurement affect the pricing of your database:

  • Write bandwidth (GB)

  • Read bandwidth (GB)

  • Storage (GB/month)

  • Topic/Partitions (topic-partition hours)

  • Function instances (function instance hours)

  • Function read bandwidth (amount of egress traffic measured in GB coming out of a function or connector)

  • Function write bandwidth (amount of ingress traffic measured in GB coming into a function or connector)

    The minimum message byte size for read and write bandwidth is 512 bytes. Messages smaller than 512 bytes will be charged as if they were 512-byte messages.

Cloud provider and regions

The cloud provider and region you select affects the price of each unit of measure for Astra Streaming.

You can select AWS, GCP, or Azure as your cloud provider.

Free plans

For free plans, your remaining credits will be displayed. These credits include the $25 credit that is renewed every month.

Pay as You Go Plan

For the Pay as You Go plan, your remaining credits will be displayed in Astra Billing & Payment.

You must have a billing method for your account. Any usage amount shows up in the Estimated Bill, which is auto-drafted monthly based on Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), also known as Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

Billing & Payment

Astra Streaming displays all related billing information in the Billing & Payment section of your Organization.

In Billing & Payment, you will see your plan and payment method, along with when the plan was created. You can select Manage to change your plan.

You can also add or update your payment method in the Billing & Payment section. Your Billing & Payment screen also displays each streaming tenant included in your server, allowing you to see what your total cost is per tenant.

Adding a payment method

In Billing and Payment, select Add Payment Method beside the existing payment method:

Update or Add Payment Method

The Add a Payment Method menu will appear.

Enter your new billing information and select the Add Info button when complete. Confirm your new payment method has been added in the Astra Dashboard.

Removing a Payment Method

Use this section to remove any payment method associated with Astra DB serverless and Astra Streaming.

To remove your payment method, open your Astra DB account and go to Billing. Your organization’s dashboard of billing services and payments made is available for viewing. Click Remove.


Ensure your organization meets the following requirements for you to remove your payment method:

  • With no outstanding balance, you can remove your payment method at any time. A dialog box appears to confirm you want to remove the payment method; select Remove Payment Method.

    remove payment method

    A message appears that you have successfully removed the payment method. An email is also sent for your records.

  • If you have no outstanding balance and premium features, you must remove all of these features before you can proceed. Click the link for each premium feature (as shown below) to remove them.

    payment removal v2