Astra Streaming release notes

Astra Streaming release notes provide information about new and improved features, known and resolved issues, and bug fixes.

24 March 2022

CDC for Astra DB is now available. CDC for Astra DB automatically captures changes in real time, de-duplicates the changes, and streams the clean set of changed data into Astra Streaming where it can be processed by client applications or sent to downstream systems.

31 January 2022: General Availability

20 December 2021

Security upgrade to Log4J 2.17.0 to mitigate CVE-2021-45105.

Public Preview

The Public Preview of Astra Streaming brings the ability to quickly create Apache Pulsarâ„¢ instances, manage your clusters, scale across cloud regions, and manage Pulsar resources such as topics, connectors, functions and subscriptions.

Instead of listing the features included in this release, learn about what Astra Streaming is, and then get started with data and event streaming. If you have questions, review the FAQ for answers.