Manage Tokens

  1. From any page in Astra Streaming, select the Organizations dropdown.

    Organization Selection
  2. In the main dropdown, select Organization Settings.

  3. From your Organization page, select Token Management.

  4. Select the role you want to attach to your token. The permissions for your selected role will be displayed.

  5. Select Generate Token. Astra Streaming will generate your token and display the Client ID, Client Secret, and Token.

  6. Download your Client ID, Client Secret, and Token.

After you navigate away from the page, you won’t be able to download your Client ID, Client Secret, and Token again.

Set environment variables

In your command-line interface associated with your environment, paste the following environment variables copied for Astra Streaming:

export ASTRA_STREAMING_ID=<database_id>
export ASTRA_STREAMING_REGION=<database_region>
export ASTRA_STREAMING_KEYSPACE=<keyspace_name>
export ASTRA_STREAMING_TOKEN=<app_token>

Delete token

If you need to limit access to your database, you can delete a token.

  1. Select the overflow menu for the token you want to delete.

  2. Select Delete to delete that token.

  3. If necessary, generate a new token for the same user role.


Use your new token to start event streaming with the Astra Streaming QuickStart.