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After loading data into a new collection, use the Data Explorer to search, filter, and evaluate your data.

Explore your own data set

  1. Sign in to the Astra Portal and select your database.

  2. Select Data Explorer.

  3. Select the collection you want to explore.

Your data collection is displayed as a table of values or as a list of JSON documents.

Hybrid Search allows you to search by vector within your data collection in addition to filtering by key-value.

To try a vector search, click the Search button on the first document in the Collection Data section. The search field is populated with the vector from this document, and the database performs a similarity search.

The search uses the similarity metric you chose when loading your data (cosine, Euclidean distance).

Alternatively, select the Clipboard icon to copy the vector for a document, and paste it into the search field.

Metadata filter

Select Add Filter to apply metadata filtering to your search results.

The available filters are:

  • Key

  • Condition

  • Value

  • Delete

For example, in a dataset of movie reviews, filtering by Key title and Condition is Lassie returns all documents with "title": "Lassie".

Select Apply Filters to update the search results.


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