Connecting to databases

Use database connection information to connect to databases using DataStax Studio, CQLSH, or by using a sample application.

To interact with your database directly from the DataStax Cloud console, use the integrated Cassandra Query Language SHell (CQLSH). Navigate to your database and click the CQL Console tab to open a CQLSH instance that is connected to your database.

Otherwise, obtain the database credentials from the DataStax Cloud console and use one of the following methods to make the connection.

Note: You must create an Astra database or be granted access to a database by another user before establishing connections.
Table 1. How do you want to connect?
Choices Options
I'm new to CQL, but want to use my database right now. Write queries, visualize results, and inspect the database schema using DataStax Studio, which is integrated into your Astra database.
I know some CQL and want to connect quickly to use my database. Use the integrated CQLSH console or the standalone CQLSH tool to interact with your database using CQL.
I have a DSE or DDAC cluster running and want to use the native CQL shell. Install DataStax Enterprise (DSE) or DataStax Distribution of Apache Cassandra (DDAC) locally or on a remote machine to interact with the database and run queries using the CQL shell (cqlsh).
I have an application and want to use the DataStax drivers. Initialize one of the DataStax drivers to manage database connections for your application.