Exporting notebooks from DataStax Astra

Export existing DataStax Developer Studio notebooks to share with teammates.

Export a Studio notebook to a packaged compressed file. You can share the exported notebook with teammates, who can import the notebook for their own use.


  1. To export a notebook:
    • In any open notebook, in the menu (), select Export this Notebook.
    • On the Notebook Manager page, click the ellipsis button () to show more actions for the notebook you want to export, and click Export.
  2. Choose one of the following export options:
    • Cell code and result sets: Export the entire notebook. Useful for collaborating.
    • Cell code only: Export only the cell code of the notebook. Useful for creating a clean copy of the notebook. For example, for a tutorial.

    You can also choose to export the notebook with diagnostic data for troubleshooting purposes. Selecting this option might include sensitive information in the exported notebook, but credentials are not included.

  3. Share the exported notebook using any file manager.