Terminating databases

Terminate databases that are no longer needed.

When a database has outlived its use, terminate it to reduce costs and streamline operations. When you terminate a database, all data is permanently deleted and cannot be recovered.
Note: If you have administrator privileges in the DataStax Cloud console for your team, you can contact DataStax to terminate databases that are owned by other team members. For example, if a team member leaves your organization and you want to delete their databases, contact DataStax with the names of the databases owned by that team member.


  1. Open a browser, navigate to DataStax Astra, and log in.
  2. From the Databases page, under Actions, click the ellipsis for the database you want to terminate and select Terminate.
    The Terminate Database window displays and indicates the estimated time required to terminate the database.
    Warning: All data in the database will be permanently deleted. You cannot restart the database. Proceed with caution.
  3. To terminate the database, enter the name of the database and click Terminate Database.


The database status changes to Terminating. The database will be terminated and removed from the list of available databases. You can create another database, view database health and metrics for other databases, or connect to other databases to continue development.