Viewing database summary

View all databases in your organization, and select a database to view detailed information about the database.

The Databases page shows all databases in your organization, including databases you created and databases created by other team members. From here, you can view detailed information about individual databases, manage databases, and access connection details for databases that you own.

Selecting a database in DataStax Astra provides access to detailed information about the database. You can view the keyspace and database creation information, size and location of the database, and the associated costs (both current and projected) of the running database.


  1. Open a browser, navigate to DataStax Astra, and log in.
  2. On the Databases page, under the Actions column, click the ellipsis to access available actions for a database.
    Note: You can view connection details and database management operations for only databases that you created.
  3. From the Actions menu, select View Database to view detailed information about the database.
  4. On the database details page, click the Summary tab to view details for the database.
    The database owner information, size and location details, connection details, and associated costs of ownership display.
    Figure 1: Database details displaying on the Summary tab
    Database details displaying in the Summary tab. Details included are the keyspace details, size and location, estimated costs, and connection details.