DataStax Astra release notes

DataStax Astra release notes provide information about new and improved features, known and resolved issues, and bug fixes.

DataStax Astra release notes provide information about new and improved features, known and resolved issues, and bug fixes.

10 July 2020

New features

Use multiple keyspaces

You can now create multiple keyspaces within your database. Multiple keyspaces allow you to create multiple schemas in a single database. (AFE-289)

To add a new keyspace, select Actions>Add Keyspace .... Enter the name of your new keyspace and select Add New Keyspace.

From Actions, select Add Keyspace.


  • Manage Organizations is now listed under your databases menu. From the Manage Organizations screen, you can View Billing and View Users under the Action menu. (AFE-310)

26 June 2020

New features

Documentation help pane provides useful documentation links

When you select Get Help a pane opens that provides links to helpful documentation for using your Astra database. (AFE-254)

Documentation pane


  • Check the status of Astra databases at
  • Redesigned the database page to make information easier to read and access. (AFE-223)
  • Added a footer to the user interface that provides important links and contact information. (AFE-276)
  • The database cluster ID is now included in the Cluster Details on the Database Details page. (AFE-311)

General availability

12 May 2020

  • Enabled billing for C10 tier. (CLOUD-316)
  • Reduced how long it takes to provision a cluster. (CLOUD-311)
  • When an organization is created, roles can now be assigned for administrator, read/write, read, and service account. Groups can now be created with the associated role, except for the service account. (CLOUD-314)
  • Added REST API to connect to database. (CLOUD-318)
  • Users can now use their Google or GitHub logins to access the Astra database. (CLOUD-320)
  • Added GraphQL to simplify queries without Cassandra Query Language (CQL). (CLOUD-350)
  • Meets SOC2 Type I security audit compliance. (CLOUD-360)

Beta release

February 27, 2020: Integrated CQLSH

We brought the Cassandra Query Language SHell (CQLSH) even closer to you by integrating it directly in the DataStax Cloud console. Navigate to your database, click the CQL Console tab, and issue CQL commands to interact with your database.

January 24, 2020: Standalone CQLSH

The standalone version of CQLSH was released for connecting to DataStax Astra databases. What does that mean for you? It means connecting to an Astra database from your laptop without requiring DataStax Enterprise (DSE) or DataStax Distribution of Apache Cassandra™ (DDAC).

Previously, you used native CQLSH included in one of those products. Today, you can download CQLSH, download the secure connect bundle for your Astra database, and connect with a single command.

January 7, 2020: Free tier

The Free tier was released for DataStax Astra, allowing you to create an Astra database with 10 GB for free. Create a database with just a few clicks and start developing within minutes, no credit card required.

Note: You can have only one active database on the Free tier.

Open Beta

The Beta release of DataStax Astra brings the ability to develop and deploy data-driven applications with a cloud-native service, built on the best distribution of Apache Cassandra™, without the hassles of database and infrastructure administration.

Instead of listing the features included in this release, learn about what DataStax Astra is, and then get started with creating your own database. If you have questions, review the FAQ for answers.