About your Astra DB database

Welcome! Let’s cover some basics and review how you can get connected.

Your paid database starts the following specifications:

  • A single region

  • A single keyspace

  • Storage based on your service tier

  • Capacity for up to 200 tables

  • Replication factor of three to provide optimal uptime and data integrity

To better understand your database capabilities, review the Astra DB database guardrails and limits.

How do you want to connect?

Options Description

I don’t want to create or manage a schema. Just let me get started.

Use schemaless JSON Documents with the Document API.

I want to start using my database now with APIs.

Use the REST API or GraphQL API to begin interacting with your database and self manage the schema.

I have an application and want to use the DataStax drivers.

Initialize one of the DataStax drivers to manage database connections for your application.

I know CQL and want to connect quickly to use my database.

Use the integrated CQL shell or the standalone CQLSH tool to interact with your database using CQL.