Astra DB Data Loader

Use the DataStax Astra DB Data Loader to load a sample dataset into your database.

  1. From your Astra DB Dashboard, select *Load Dataset for the database where you want to load data.

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The Astra DB Data Loader launches. . In the Astra DB Data Loader, select the sample dataset you want to use or upload your own data as a .csv file.

CSV files must be less than 40 MB. If you upload a .csv file, you will see a status bar to show how much of the data has uploaded.

  1. Once you select or upload your dataset, select Next. Your dataset will be included in the Data Preview and Types.

  2. Select the data type for each column.

  3. Select your partition key and clustering column for your data.

  4. Select Next.

  5. Select your database from the dropdown menu.

  6. Select your keyspace from the available keyspaces.

  7. Enter your database password.

  8. Select Next.

Within a few minutes, your dataset is uploaded into your database. You will receive an email when the dataset has been loaded. Then you can interact with your data by connecting to your database.