Drivers for Astra

Use one of the following DataStax drivers to connect to your DataStax Astra DB database. Choose the DataStax driver for your preferred programming language.

Before using the DataStax drivers, review the Best practices for DataStax drivers to understand the rules and recommendations for improving performance and minimizing resource utilization in applications that use DataStax drivers.

DataStax recommends using the unified DataStax drivers. See this blog post for more information. You can also use the DataStax Enterprise (DSE) drivers, which exposes the same API for connecting to Cassandra databases.


DataStax CQL Proxy simplifies connecting to Astra DB without having to change your Cassandra driver, driver version, and/or framework (springdata, lagom, akka-persistence-cassandra, quarkus, etc.). This new open source tool securely forwards your application’s CQL traffic to an appropriate database service. CQL Proxy auto-discovers and auto-configures communication with Astra DB.

If you are using a driver for an unsupported language or an driver for an unsupported language, consider using CQL-proxy. The cql-proxy sidecar enables unsupported CQL drivers to work with DataStax Astra.