Unpark databases

Unpark a database to place it into an active state and use the database again.

This information applies only to existing Classic customers.

Effective May 6th, 2022, this feature was deprecated for all new customers. Please contact DataStax support if you have any questions.


  1. Open a browser, navigate to DataStax Astra DB, and log in.

  2. From the Dashboard page, select Unpark for the database you want to unpark.

  3. To unpark the database, select Unpark Database.


The status of the database changes to Unparking until the database is parked; the status then changes to Active.

You cannot make changes to your database while the status is Unparking.

You will receive an email when your database is successfully unparked, along with a link to the database.

The database remains Active until you park it again. The only cost incurred while the database is parked is storage cost from your selected cloud provider.