Managing payment methods

Update the payment method you entered when creating your DataStax Astra database. When creating your first paid Astra database, you must enter your credit card number and associated billing information.

Enter updated credit card information and associated billing details, or delete the existing payment method.

DataStax Astra supports one payment method for each organization.

Updating your payment information

  1. From any page in DataStax Astra, select the Organizations dropdown.

  1. In the main dropdown, select Organization Settings.

  2. From Billing & Payment, select Invite User.

    • From your Astra Dashboard, select Add Payment Method or Update beside the existing payment method.

    • In the Update Payment Method menu, confirm that you want to Update your payment method.

    • Enter the new billing information and Save.


Your payment method is updated. All future billing will use the new payment entered.