Migrate C++ driver

Complete the following procedure to migrate your existing DataStax C++ driver to a version that is capable of connecting to Astra databases created using DataStax Astra DB.


Platform Download links

CentOS 6

Driver | Dependencies

CentOS 7

Driver | Dependencies

CentOS 8

Driver | Dependencies

Ubuntu 14.04

Driver | Dependencies

Ubuntu 16.04

Driver | Dependencies

Ubuntu 18.04

Driver | Dependencies


Driver | Dependencies

Other platforms should build the driver from the source code packages.

  • Using the packages you downloaded, follow the installation instructions for your platform to install the DataStax C++ driver.


  1. In your existing DataStax C++ driver code, modify the connection code to use the Astra DB API.

    Both the DataStax C driver for Apache Cassandra and the {company} Enterprise (DSE) C driver use the same code to connect and query your Astra database. When using the DSE C++ driver, use the header #include <dse.h>.

    The secure_connect_bundle must include the absolute path to your Astra database credentials (secure-connect-**database_name**.zip).

    cass_cluster_set_credentials(cluster, "clientId", "clientSecret");
      CassFuture* connect_future = cass_session_connect(session, cluster);
      if (cass_future_error_code(connect_future) == CASS_OK) {
        * Use the session to run queries _
      else {
        _ Handle error *
  2. Build and link your application against the DataStax C++ driver.

    • Linux or macOS

      For static linking, use cassandra_static.a or dse_static.a.

      • DataStax C++ driver for Apache Cassandra

      • DSE C++ driver

      cc connect-database.c -I/path/to/cassandra.h -L/path/to/cassandra.so -lcassandra
      cc connect-database.c -I/path/to/dse.h -L/path/to/dse.so -ldse
    • Windows Include these libraries in your Microsoft Visual Studio project by adding them to the project’s properties under ]Configuration Properties/Linker/Input/Additional Dependencies.

      For static linking, use cassandra_static.lib or dse_static.libpass:c[.

DataStax C++ driver for Apache Cassandra Link your application against cassandra.lib. Your application will also require `cassandra.dll to be in your runtime path.

DSE C++ driver Link your application against dse.lib. Your application will also require dse.dll to be in your runtime path.