Astra plan options

Astra offers a serverless database, which is an elastic cloud-native database that scales with your workload. You can scale your compute and storage capabilities independently, allowing you to focus on developing your application and less on your infrastructure costs.

On 4 March 2021, all Free, Serverless (Beta), and Dev and Test databases were migrated to the serverless pay as you go plan with a $25 monthly credit that is refreshed monthly.
Astra offers two plans in the Astra console: pay as you go and annual commitment. Each of these plans are billed according to Astra pricing, which is based on read and write requests, data storage, and data transfer. If you need more options than the pay as you go or annual plan, contact a DataStax Business Development Representative.

Classic databases were created before 4 March 2021. These databases have fixed compute and storage capabilities and do not include the latest authentication version. For more details about Classic databases, see Classic Astra databases.


Serverless databases don’t support VPC peering, multi-region databases, materialized views, or logged batches.