Creating a notebook in DataStax Developer Studio

Create your own DataStax Developer Studio notebook in your DataStax Astra database.

Create a DataStax Developer Studio notebook that contains text and runnable code. Because Developer Studio is already connected to your DataStax Astra database, creating a notebook requires only adding a name to get started.


Create an Astra database, which includes an embedded Developer Studio instance that is automatically configured for interactive CQL commands.


  1. Click the plus (+) icon to add a notebook.
    The Create Notebook dialog displays.
    1. Enter a name for the notebook.
    2. Select your registered email from the Connection dropdown list.
    3. Click Create.
    The notebook opens with a single empty (default) cell in CQL edit mode. This mode can be set to CQL or Markdown.
The following steps show a Markdown example:
  1. In the default cell, change the dropdown to Markdown.
  2. Add some verbiage to the default cell:
    My Notebook
    Schema-aware content-assist improves productivity. Studio inspects your schema to make smart suggestions based on your data model. When you work with properties of a person, then you'll see suggestions for name and date_of_birth. 
  3. Click Run Cell () to render the Markdown text.

  4. Create another cell to continue building your notebook.