Indexing resources 

Indexing DSE Search documents requires resources. You can automatically generate or create custom resources.

Each insert or update of a Cassandra row triggers a new indexing on DSE Search, inserting or updating the document that corresponds to that Cassandra row. Using CQL, DSE Search supports partial document updates that enable you to modify existing information while maintaining a lower transaction cost.

Indexing DSE Search documents requires these resources:

Describes the fields to index in Solr and types associated with them. These fields map to Cassandra columns.


Holds configuration information for the index.

You can automatically generate these resources or you can use custom resources. The schema.xml and solrconfig.xml resources are persisted in the solr_admin.solr_resources database table. You can disable resource loading and define the maximum Solr resource upload size limit with the solr_resource_upload_limit_mb option in the dse.yaml file.

Note: When you post schema or configuration files simultaneously, schema disagreements might occur and cause Solr errors.