Automatic Spark Master election

Spark Master elections are automatically managed.

Spark Master elections are automatically managed, and do not require any manual configuration.

DSE Analytics clusters communicate with each other to elect one of the nodes as the Spark Master. The Master keeps track of each Spark Worker and application, storing the information in a system table.

For dsetool commands and options, see dsetool.

Determining the Spark Master address

Use these commands to determine the Spark Master address:
  • To view the current address of Spark Master in this datacenter:
    dse client-tool spark master-address
  • Workloads for Spark Master are flagged as Workload: Analytics(JT).
    dsetool ring Analytics rack1 Analytics(JT) no Up Normal 240.59 KB 33.33% 3074457345618258602 0.64