Check the request handler

In these advanced DSE Search tutorial steps, verify that solrconfig.xml includes a solr_query request handler that is required to run CQL Solr queries.

To run CQL Solr queries, the solrconfig.xml must include a solr_query request handler. An automatically generated solrconfig includes this request handler. Verify that the solrconfig.xml file includes the request handler.


  1. In a text editor, open the solrconfig.xml file in the solr_tutorial46 directory that you downloaded.
  2. In your editor, search the solrconfig.xml file for "SearchHandler".

    You see this location:

     <!-- SearchHandler
           For processing Search Queries, the primary Request Handler
           provided with Solr is "SearchHandler" It delegates to a sequent
           of SearchComponents (see below) and supports distributed
           queries across multiple shards
  3. Check that the following request handler appears below the SearchHandler comment.
    <requestHandler class=""

    If the solr_query request handler is not in solrconfig.xml, add it.