DataStax Distribution of Apache Cassandra file locations in GCP

Locations of DDAC configuration, data, logs, and system files in GCP.

The default data and log files for the DataStax Distribution of Apache Cassandra™ (DDAC) in Google Cloud Platform (GCP) are located in the installation directory (/usr/share/dse):
  • /mnt/data/cassandra/data
  • /mnt/data/cassandra/saved_caches
  • /mnt/data/cassandra/log
  • /mnt/data/cassandra/commitlog
  • /mnt/data/cassandra/hints
  • /mnt/data/cassandra/cdc_raw
  • /usr/share/dse/log (located on the 30 GIB OS drive)
The default directories for cassanda.yaml, configuration files, cqlshrc samples, and other database files are located in the /usr/share/dse/conf directory:
  • cassandra.yaml
  • cassandra-topology.yaml
  • cqlshrc.sample
  • logback-tools.xml
  • logback.xml
  • hotspot_compiler
  • jvm.options
  • metrics-reporter-config
  • sample.yaml
  • /triggers
The debug and system logs are located in the /usr/share/dse/logs directory:
  • debug.log
  • system.log