DataStax C# Graph Extension

This package builds on the DataStax C# Driver for Apache Cassandra, adding functionality for interacting with DataStax graph features using Apache TinkerPop Gremlin.Net.

This library supports .NET Framework 4.6.1+ and .NET Core 1+.

The package should be used with DataStax Enterprise.


Get it on Nuget

PM> Install-Package CassandraCSharpDriver.Graph


Basic Usage

Import namespace:

using Cassandra.DataStax.Graph;

Get the traversal source using a IDseSession instance

GraphTraversalSource g = DseGraph.Traversal(session);

You can reuse your GraphTraversalSource instance across your application.

Get a list of vertices

IList<Vertex> people = g.V().HasLabel("person").ToList();

Visit the Getting Started Guide for more examples.

Getting Help

You can use the project Mailing list or create a ticket on the Jira issue tracker.


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