Node.js drivers

Driver compatibility tables for Node.js drivers.

Matrix table icons
Icon Description
Latest stable version actively maintained
Fully compatible.
Partially compatible.

New features and bug fixes are developed on the latest minor version of the driver, and users are encouraged to stay current with those minor releases. APIs are maintained stable according to semantic versioning conventions, and upgrades should be trivial.

DataStax Enterprise Node.js Driver

Driver version DataStax Enterprise version
Version 5.1 5.0 4.8

DataStax Node.js Driver for Apache Cassandra™

Driver version Apache Cassandra version DataStax Enterprise version1
Version 3.0+ 2.2 2.1 5.1 5.0 4.8
3.4 2 2
3.3 2 2
3.2 2 2
3.1 2 2
3.0 2 2

1Limited to DSE 5.0 API.

2While the OSS drivers are able to connect to DSE clusters, we strongly recommend upgrading to the DSE drivers in order to take full advantage of all DSE features.