DataStax Enterprise Node.js Driver Extensions for DSE Graph

This package builds on the DataStax Enterprise Node.js driver, adding functionality for interacting with DSE graph features and Apache TinkerPop.

DSE Graph Extensions for DataStax Enterprise Node.js Driver can be used solely with DataStax Enterprise. Please consult the license.


npm install dse-graph


Getting Help

You can use the project mailing list or create a ticket on the Jira issue tracker.

Basic Usage

Create a dse.Client instance and use it to obtain traversal sources:

const dse = require('dse-driver');
const dseGraph = require('dse-graph');

const client = new dse.Client({
  contactPoints: ['host1', 'host2'],
  graphOptions:  { name: 'my_graph' }

// Obtain a traversal source, used to create traversals
const g = dseGraph.traversalSource(client);

// Use the traversal source to create traversals
// ie: Print john's friends names
  .then(names => names.forEach(console.log));

You should reuse the Client instance across your application.

Read the full Getting Started Guide.


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