Using the DSE configuration volume

Use volumes to persist data and configuration files for Docker containers.

Docker images provided by DataStax include a startup script that swaps DataStax Enterprise (DSE) configuration files found in the /config volume directory with the configuration file in the default location on the container.


  1. Create a directory on your local host to store the configuration files.
  2. Add the configuration files to replace in the container. The file name must match a corresponding configuration file in the image and include all required values. For example cassandra.yaml, dse.yaml, opscenterd.conf.

    See the following Github pages for a full list of configuration files.

  3. Mount the local directory to the exposed /config directory during startup, as shown in the following example:
    docker run -v /dse/conf:/config
  4. Start the container. The following example illustrates starting a transactional node:
    docker run -e DS_LICENSE=accept \
    --name my-dse \
    -v /dse/config:/config datastax/dse-server \
    -d datastax/dse-server