Exposing public ports

Allow connections from remote systems by exposing ports from the Docker container on the host system.

To allow remote hosts to access a DataStax Enterprise (DSE) node, DSE OpsCenter, or DataStax Studio, map the DSE public port to a host port using the docker run command with the -p option.

For a complete list of ports see Securing DataStax Enterprise ports.

Note: When mapping a container port to a local host port, ensure the host port is not already in use by another container or the host.


To allow access to OpsCenter from a browser on a remote host, open port 8888 as shown in the following example.

docker run -e DS_LICENSE=accept \
--name my-opscenter \
-p 8888:8888 \
-d datastax/dse-opscenter

Setting the DS_LICENSE environment variable signals your acceptance of the DataStax terms of service and is required for the software to start.