Getting started with DataStax and Docker

Use DataStax Docker images to create containers for production and development.

Use DataStax Docker images to create containers in production and non-production environments for development, learn DataStax Enterprise (DSE), DataStax OpsCenter, and DataStax Studio, try new ideas, and test and demonstrate an application. The following images are available:
  • DDAC: DataStax Distribution of Apache Cassandra™ (DDAC) is a certified version of open source Apache Cassandra™ for development and production.
  • DataStax Enterprise: The best distribution of Apache Cassandra™ with integrated Search, Analytics, and Graph, and Advanced Security capabilities.
  • DataStax Studio: An interactive developer’s tool for DataStax Enterprise which is designed to help your DSE database, Cassandra Query Language (CQL), DSE Graph, and Gremlin Query Language development.
  • DSE OpsCenter: The web-based visual management and monitoring solution for DSE.
To get started, clone the repository and change for your environment.