Creating a Studio container

Install DataStax Studio using a DataStax provided image.

Create a DataStax Studio container. For a list of the most commonly used options, see Docker run options.

See the docker run command reference for a full list of options to run a command in a new container.

Setting the DS_LICENSE environment variable signals your acceptance of the DataStax terms of service and is required for the software to start.


  1. Create a Studio container, using my-dse as the hostname.
    docker run -e DS_LICENSE=accept \
    -p 9091:9091 \
    --link my-dse \
    --name my-studio \
    -d datastax/dse-studio
  2. Open a browser and navigate to http://studio_container_ip:9091, where container_IP is the IP address of the container.


Studio is ready to use with DSE.

What's next

See the DataStax Studio documentation for detailed usage and configuration instructions.