Using environment variables

Configure DSE by setting environment variables.

Configure the DataStax Enterprise (DSE) Docker image by setting environment variables when the container is created. Use the docker run command -e option.

Table 1. Environment variables
Variable Setting Description
DS_LICENSE accept To show and acknowledge the license, set the variable DS_LICENSE to the value accept.
Important: Setting the DS_LICENSE environment variable signals your acceptance of the DataStax terms of service and is required for the software to start.
LISTEN_ADDRESS IP_address IP address to listen for connections from other nodes. Defaults to the container IP address.
BROADCAST_ADDRESS IP_address IP address to advertise to other nodes. Defaults to the same value as LISTEN_ADDRESS.
NATIVE_TRANSPORT_ADDRESS IP_address IP address to list for client and driver connections. Default:
NATIVE_TRANSPORT_BROADCAST_ADDRESS IP_address IP address to advertise to clients and drivers. Defaults to the same value as BROADCAST_ADDRESS.
SEEDS IP_address Comma-delimited list of seed nodes for the cluster. Defaults to the node BROADCAST_ADDRESS.
START_NATIVE_TRANSPORT true | false Determines whether to start the Thrift RPC server. If not set, the default value is preserved in the cassandra.yaml file.
CLUSTER_NAME string Name of the cluster. Default: Test Cluster.
NUM_TOKENS int Number of tokens randomly assigned to the node. Default: 8.
DC string Datacenter name. Default: Cassandra.
RACK string Rack name. Default: rack1.
OPSCENTER_IP IP_address | string Address of the OpsCenter instance to use for DSE management. The value can be specified by linking the OpsCenter container using opscenter as the name.
JVM_EXTRA_OPTS string Sets a custom value for the JVM heap using -Xmx and -Xms.
LANG string Sets a custom locale.
SNITCH string Sets the snitch implementation this node will use. The value is set in the endpoint_snitch parameter in cassandra.yaml.