Creating an OpsCenter container

Install OpsCenter using a DataStax provided image.

Create a DSE OpsCenter container and a connected DSE server container on the same Docker host. For a list of the most commonly used options, see Docker run options.

Note: DSE 6.7 requires OpsCenter 6.7.

See the docker run command reference for a full list of options.


  1. Create an OpsCenter container.
    docker run \
    -e DS_LICENSE=accept \
    -p 8888:8888 \
    --name my-opscenter \
    -d datastax/dse-opscenter
  2. Create a DSE server container that is linked to the OpsCenter container.
    docker run \
    -e DS_LICENSE=accept \
    --link my-opscenter:opscenter \
    --name my-dse \
    -d datastax/dse-server
  3. Get the DSE container IP address.
    docker exec -it my-dse nodetool status 
  4. Open a browser and navigate to http://DSE_container_IP:8888, where DSE_container_IP is the IP address of the DSE container.
    1. Click Manage existing cluster.
    2. Enter the DSE container IP address in the host name field.
    3. Click Install agents manually. The agent is already installed on the DSE image, so no installation is required.


OpsCenter is ready to use with DSE.

What's next

See the OpsCenter User Guide for detailed usage and configuration instructions.