Managing the configuration

Manage DSE configuration using a mounted volume or environment variables.

Manage the DataStax Enterprise (DSE) configuration using one of the following options:

  • The DSE configuration volume to get configuration files from a mounted host directory without replacing or customizing configuration file in the container.

  • Environment variables to change the configuration at runtime.

  • Docker file or directory volume mounts.

  • Docker overlay file system.

Note: DSE and DDAC use the default values defined for the environment variables unless explicitly set at runtime. Custom configuration files override the default or explicitly set environment variables.

DataStax uses a common base image for all products. To customize the operating system or install additional packages, modify the base/Dockerfile. The DataStax base images use OpenJDK due to the end of public updates for Oracle JDK. All DataStax repositories on Docker Hub include OpenJDK.