Docker run options

Use the most common options for creating DataStax containers.

The following options are the most commonly used when creating a DataStax Distribution of Apache Cassandra (DDAC) container.

Option Description
-e Sets environment variables to accept the licensing agreement and change the initial configuration. Required.
Important: Setting the DS_LICENSE environment variable signals your acceptance of the DataStax terms of service and is required for the software to start.
-d Starts the container in the background. Recommended.
-p Publish container ports on the host to allow remote access to DDAC. See exposing public ports for more information.
-v Bind mount a directory on the local host to a DSE Volume to manage configuration or preserve data. See using exposed volumes for more information.
--link Link a DDAC container to Studio. For example, --link my-studio.
--name Assign a name to the container.