DataStax drivers

Information on DataStax drivers, Apache Cassandra OSS drivers, and JDBC and ODBC drivers.

DSE and Cassandra Drivers

Table 1. Available drivers and compatibility with DSE and Apache Cassandra™ OSS drivers
DSE drivers Cassandra OSS drivers Compatibility
C++ C++ DSE C++ | OSS C++
C# | DSE Graph Extension C# DSE C# | OSS C#
Java (DSE Graph Extension included) Java DSE Java | OSS Java
Node.js | DSE Graph Extension Node.js DSE Node.js | OSS Node.js
Python | DSE Graph Extension Python DSE Python | OSS Python
Maintenance only - Supported by DataStax, but only critical bug fixes will be included in new versions.
Ruby Ruby DSE Ruby | OSS Ruby

JDBC and ODBC drivers

Table 2. Driver download links plus installation and configuration documentation
Drivers (DSE 4.8 and later) Installation Configuration
Simba JDBC Driver for Apache Spark™ Download Install documentation (in DSE Developer Guide) Simba documentation
Simba ODBC Driver for Spark™ Download: Linux | Windows Install documentation (in DSE Developer Guide) Simba documentation
DataStax ODBC Driver for Apache Cassandra and DataStax Enterprise with CQL connector Download: Linux 64-bit, 32-bit | Windows 64-bit, 32-bit DataStax install documentation